Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh wedding....

I'm tired of planning a wedding.  Really tired.  I don't want to wedding plan anymore.  It's amazing how often I'm asked "So how's the wedding planning going?"  I never know how to answer that question.  Do they really want to know what I've managed to accomplish, which is a much shorter list than what I have left to accomplish?  I could just tell them "I haven't done shit on the wedding.  I'm pretty sure that if I wait long enough, the wedding fairies will show up and do it all for me. I'm waiting for them before I even consider doing anything."  

I also think other people care about this more than I do.  Or, at least they care more about the details than I do.  My sister took a bunch of ribbon away from me this past weekend, because it wasn't the right shade of blue.  Apparently, my wedding color is not navy, so I'm supposed to just get over it.  I don't care.  No one will notice if I use navy ribbon against electric blue bridesmaids dresses.  Besides which, it's not like I'm asking my bridesmaids to wear a navy sash with electric blue dresses.  No.  This ribbon would be fine for favor boxes.  Or centerpieces.  Or the bubbles.  Or anything, really.  If the guests at my wedding are noticing that the ribbon is the wrong color, then I've failed.  Not in that the ribbon is the wrong color, but that my guests are bored enough to be noticing color differences.  If I entertain my guests properly, no one will have time to worry about that damn navy blue ribbon tied to the top of their bubbles.

This weekend is full of wedding stuff.  Cake and flowers, mostly.  Then Sunday there's a bridal expo we're going to.  I made a list of what we have left to do, and it's frustrating me more than anything.  I know I haven't done that much, but it sure seems like I have an awful lot to do, and not much time left.  And February is a short month.  Great.  


  1. I swear you read my mind! I have recently diagnosed myself with what I call "event anxiety". The man out there who gets to marry me is going to be soooo lucky! There will be no wedding. I get hives just thinking about planning one. The only way it will happen is if the wedding fairies do everything for me... and I do mean everything! I vote for skipping the wedding and having a marriage :) Best of luck to you!

  2. Vegas baby! Meet me there next weekend!!!