Saturday, October 8, 2011

I haven't blogged in a while.  Been busy.  Or lazy.  Most likely the latter of the two, really.  What's been going on in the last month...

We got a puppy.  He's 6 months old, a shepherd/lab mix, and his name is shadow.  He's here:

He's still got a lot of the idiot puppy in him.  But he's fun, most of the time.  When he's not chasing cats, or crying at night.

I popped my back yesterday.  It HURTS!  It's my lower back, so moving around last night sucked big time.  Sharp, stabbing pains were occurring.  And, my upper back is sore too.  I probably should go see a doctor, but I don't want to.  From what I understand of back injuries, they are hard to treat, and treatment is slow at best.  I don't want to just take a bunch of pain killers and wait for my back to get better.  Course, that's exactly what I'm doing now, so...yeah.  At least I haven't paid anyone to tell me my life is going to suck for a while.

We're going to the fair this Friday night to see Marshall Tucker and Foghat.  Somehow, I've managed to miss seeing either of these bands, but I'm remedying that.  I'm also going to see Styx in December.  My mom bought me, Charles, my dad and her tickets as my dad and my birthday presents.  I'm excited.  I've seen them once before, and they are definitely worth seeing again.

October is always a super busy month for me.  My nephew's birthday is this month; he wants to go to the aquarium in Atlanta for it.  So we'll be headed there in a few weeks.  It's the same weekend at Talladega, so we'll be in Atlanta on Saturday, and Talladega on Sunday.  That's a very busy weekend.  Then there's the fair (which I've already mentioned).  I usually try to make it to an Auburn game in October too, but I don't think that's happening.  I still need to find time to do our engagement pictures.  We need to stop being so busy.